User’s guide

The Do-it-Yourself Europe, A practical Guide to project building and management

A User’s Guide will be written and edited by partners, for any organisation or person interested by European transnational projects. It will provide a general overview of the subject, and be a first introduction to those kinds of project, by giving out tools, advices and good practices. Since we are specially targeting newcomers, the main objective is to provide a frame for successful projects and give confidence to go forward. Light up capacity building, without burning anyone’s wings!

The guide will be widely distributed: on the whole, 400 copies of it will be printed in the different languages of the partners, and the electronic version will be free to download on this website.

  • Publication: May 2013.


Local Information Events

In the 10 partners countries, local information events were held, in order to spread the word of the SOLE project, and inform the local community about European projects and opportunities, especially within the European for Citizens Programme. Each partner organised it its own way, the important thing being that the communication around the event was large and ambitious. The events were very relevant to widen the SOLE network, especially to those news to transnational projects. That is why the communication on those events was original, creative and largely using web 2.0 tools.

Partner’s projects

Since one of our main objective is empowerment, we are strongly encouraging partners and local organisations being part of the SOLE network to write and apply for their own new projects. Some ideas have already been pushed forward during the training course in July, and will keep on growing up under the SOLE light during the next few months, aiming the September 2012 or February 2013 deadlines.

Of course all of this project will benefit from support from the coordinating organisation CESIE, and from the other partners knowledge and experience that are supporting partners at national and local level ensuring the impact of the project.


The SOLE network

One of the most exciting part of the SOLE project :

  • We want to make SOLE project get growing even after the effective dates of the project
  • We intend to create a real and effective network of potential partners, enable to provide support, mentoring and creativity to new projects
  • We claim that active citizenship should enshrine in every field of the society, and the SOLE network is a step forward in that direction
  • We are convinced that transnational projects focusing on participative democracy would gain so much on using web 2.0 technologies, and therefore should jump into it!

> See “The SOLE Network”